It’s oh so quiet

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I’m at home a lot due to my broken leg. This means I’m working from home more than I might if I could hang out in a local coffee shop or co-working space. The quiet is relaxing. It can also be a great distraction to a wandering mind.

Making the most of my spare time

I want to impart some knowledge while I’m writing and be productive. I thought I’d share a few pieces of advice that have been passed on to me:

Work out how to sell yourself
In a few words make it clear what you can offer and how you can help. I know it’s easier said than done and likely something I’ll be writing more about.

Get an accountant
Paying for a some help means you don’t get inundated with all the HMRC paperwork.

Use your networks
Reach out to groups and contacts you know. Ask them if they need help. Meet for coffee and have a chat about what you can do. It might not lead to instant work but once they’ve met you, it’s easier to for them to tell others about you.

Interact with the brands you want to work with
Get in touch. Follow them on social channels and become a super user. Show that you know their service.

Don’t under value yourself
Cost is always a hard one. You want to be affordable but you need to realise the value that you bring. I don’t believe it’s easily quantifiable (such as for x amount I can guarantee this % growth). But your experience along with what you need to survive gives you a good baseline. Again I’ll leave this to talk about another time.

Keep learning
So many people have shared their knowledge and experiences with me. Many have also put this into short courses on SkillShare or written books. If you have a quieter week, you can use these to double check how you’re doing.

Keep your CV in order
Make sure it’s easy to read and have a copy to hand to send to potential clients. Keep your Linkedin updated and try to set up a simple site to showcase the work you’ve been doing as it builds up.

Make sure you have a contract in place
It’s easy to say yes to something over a coffee and then start working on a full plan of action straight away. That’s all extra time you’re spending on work that might not go ahead. Having an agreement in place protects you and the client.

Set yourself up as the expert
Share what you know. Get blogging (check), line yourself up to speak at events and network, network, network. You never know who will be listening. The more you talk about what you do, the better you’ll get about selling yourself too.

Ideas worth sharing

In any case, if I find I need something more to do, there’s always a TED talk or 10 to give me some ideas.

Author: Raphaelle

Creative | Futurist | Misfit. Freelance Digital #marketing, #social & #product #strategy and #engagement. Founder of ArtSpotter. Mixing up something marvellous.

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