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It might be back to work time and we’re complaining about the weather and how our inboxes are always completely inundated. To cheer up your grey Tuesday, here’s five regular email newsletters that I think we should all be paying attention to. These free lists are packed with the sort of thing that you really want to read about and are certainly not work related. I’m sure you’ll be in a better mood for spending 5 minutes with them.

Five things on Friday

James Whatley, Digital Director at Ogilvy will give you an awesome weekly round up in social, entertainment and general cool and interesting things that have been going on. Sign up and get Friday goodness every Friday. With maybe a bias towards Marvel Comics movies and mobile news (but all good in super good way) you’re sure to be kept in the know. I love it!

Friday mix tape

Another Friday favourite is this weekly music mix. A few years ago it threatened to come to an end, but much rallying and 296 “tapes” later, it’s still going strong. It’s a great way to discover some brilliant tunes and mixes. This is guaranteed get your weekend off to a cracking start. Go listen.


Courtesy of one of Whatley’s Five Things on Friday, I was introduced to this lottery email list. Each day only 1 person can email the list, but that person is chosen at random from the subscribers. The stories vary from pondering thoughts to moving tales. It’s an inspiring way to hear from people all around the world.

Le Cool

Not new to the world but if you want to find something awesome to do in your own city or on your travels then get subscribed to Le Cool for the city of your choice. Art, music, events and walks. Activities are highlighted for the whole week and are a good way to get off your ass and get out and about. After all, it’s not all about email. Social is about actual real people too.

Shaken Cocktails

I’m a huge cocktail fan and I think you should be too (but in a responsible way). One of the best ways to get smarter and more skilled is through Shaken Cocktails. These guys, who are based in London, are rocking it right now. Their magazine will help give you the skills to wow your friends at your next party as well as entice you to explore more spirits in exciting ways. You can also subscribe to their monthly boxes too. You can’t really ask for more.

Enjoy and fill you inbox with goodness.

P.S. Something extra, just because …

Ada’s List

One for Women in Tech is this incredible network that I think deserves a shout out. I rarely want to push something that is gender specific, but we should all be doing our part to increase more diversity to industries where women are a minority. Posts include links to other interesting reads, job openings and events happening in the UK, Europe and the US. There’s also a lot support and awareness for helping to raise the profile for Women in Tech. This group is full of amazing and successful role models. It’s a very positive thing to be a part of.

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