It’s Going To Be Ok

It’s been a year and 13 days since I broke my leg. That was the day I left my current role in government, looking to try something new in freelancing.

It was a very good year

If I’d known then what I know now, I think the year might not has felt so hard. Such a battle or struggle. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get work, what with not being able to move from bed. I didn’t know how to sell myself without going out and networking. And fitting myself into a box that ticks the needs of clients seemed like an impossible task.

What I know now, is that I’m resourceful, hard working, thoughtful and more than capable. I can do whatever I turn my mind to. I don’t have to be scared of the unknown. And I certainly don’t have to feel incompetant because I wasn’t as able bodied as everyone else.

Feeling secondary

Being on crutches for so long makes you feel like it’s all people recognise about you. I started to feel like my first impressions were all about my limp. That the crutches and boot over my broken leg were all that defined me. It was frustrating and depressing at times. It’s hard to be strong and focused. To get well and feel like you need to achieve things workwise at the same time.

Taking some time out

So after a year and 13 days. Now that I’m back on two feet, that I’m walking and riding my horse, and just about jogging across the road to get out of the way of oncoming traffic. I’m taking some time out. And that’s going to start in New York.

The sun is shining. I’ve walked over 50 blocks. Clocking up over 15,000 steps. Over 5 hours. Last time I was here I could barely do 3 blocks in 30 mins. So, I’m going to take this time to reflect on how far I’ve come. That the ends did meet and bills were paid. That my injury didn’t stop me and that I’m now enjoying the things I love doing.

Afterall, even after all that’s happened, it’s going to be ok.


Bucket list

bucket list inspiration.png

I’ve been so tired but not being able to do things has had me thinking about the things I want to do.

I definitely don’t want to pack everything in and go traveling. I have no intention of running ¬†marathon. And, I really over the few years¬†I’ve already managed to achieve quite a huge amount and ticked many things that are still on many people’s lists.
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