Favourite breakfasts

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While trying to be healthy I’m also try ing to eat breakfast more often. After all, it’s supposed to be the most important meal of the day.
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Bucket list

bucket list inspiration.png

I’ve been so tired but not being able to do things has had me thinking about the things I want to do.

I definitely don’t want to pack everything in and go traveling. I have no intention of running  marathon. And, I really over the few years I’ve already managed to achieve quite a huge amount and ticked many things that are still on many people’s lists.
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Get your culture fix

get your culture fix

I grew up in a house that was also a gallery. My access to art was higher than most. When you’ve grown up surrounded by contemporary art and where family holidays consisted of museums and not beaches, sometimes you want to escape into a world where it doesn’t expect you to reflect on  the sociopolitical situation. Continue reading “Get your culture fix”