The Dash: A hate-hate relationship

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It didn’t start well. After the initial funding closed I instantly regretted having spent nearly $200 (now $299) on a paid of wireless headphones I don’t know why I needed. Still, I’m curious about wearable technology and want to support new products.

Two year later, after several arguments around an additional payment, I was sent my pair. I previously spoke about the frustration these long delays causes. The fact that the market has moved on so much and now the Bragi Dash headphones don’t seem so revolutionary.

In any case, I love my Apply Watch so why couldn’t the these headphones also be great. I was wrong.

Problem No.1

Charging and updating took forever. I needed to do it 3 times before they even worked, which considering each time take 2-3 hours to charge, then 2-3 hours to update (actually they took all night when they often lost charge), meant that this took almost a week to get them set up.

Problem No.2

Keeping their charge. I was constantly surprised that as I’d go to pick them up to finally try them out at the gym or even just round the house that they always seemed to be running out of battery. I can’t store them in the charging case as they just seem to drain that too. I know what was up with them but if they aren’t being used why can’t they just turn off? I took them to the gym to track some cycling, they were dead before I’d walked 5 minutes.

Problem No.3

Although I’d managed to store a minor selection of songs (most of what I play is through Spotify) I didn’t realise for about 2 weeks that the update hadn’t actually worked. So I had to do it again to try out the fitness benefits.

Problem No.4

I finally thought that using them while swimming was the answer. Would give my very expensive headphones a reason for being. A reason where my Apple Watch was falling down. They’re waterproof! I dived in, excellent still in my ears. I played music. Swimming underwater with Taylor Swift blaring into your ear drums is quite an experience. I even tracked some swimming. The problem came that they weren’t connected to the phone which being by the pool was carefully placed back in my room. So all that tracking had been for nothing.

Problem No.5

Since it needed the phone to record my activity I thought I’d brave it and leave it  near the pool. My parents have a very nice 12m long pool, but it’s not that big. Sadly it’s too big for the connection to stay, so while I can stream the music from Spotify while I swim, it promptly cut off as I went slightly underwater and didn’t reconnect. Although every time I was clearly within range I had the very happy tone and voice reminding me that it had now connected. Result: activity not recorded.

Problem No.6

While half the time the controls work with wet pool hands, half the time it didn’t. Setting the activity choice is hard enough with out also then having a range of incoherent beeps go off only to realise you’ve started a running activity or the first 5 seconds of Bad Blood over and over. I can record the activity or listen to music but not both at the same time (while swimming). Even one of these occasionally seems to be too much for it to handle.

Problem No.7

Heartbeat. Again something I was really keen on, especially when running or even to compare to my Apple Watch when cycling. Problem is, I don’t think my heart beat is 35bpm while I’m swimming unless the water slows me down to some sub-human capability.


Maybe they’ve been great for some people. They certainly set high expectations. They haven’t met mine and I don’t think they were too much to ask.

Author: Raphaelle

Creative | Futurist | Misfit. Freelance Digital #marketing, #social & #product #strategy and #engagement. Founder of ArtSpotter. Mixing up something marvellous.

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