Being healthy takes time

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I’ve decided that enough is enough (plus I’m bored of not being able to move as much due to still recovering from a broken leg).

Last week I decided to up my exercise. Twice at the gym, and twice at the pool, each week.

On top of that I’m trying to not eat gluten, and no wheat wherever I can. When I’m being really good, I’m also trying to keep carbs to an absolute minimum.

Two weeks on

I haven’t been able to stick to my exercise regime as much as I’d like. Looking after a foal means even with daily itineraries, I’m delayed or more tired from added energy usage.

My weight hasn’t shifted much but I think I need to reassess my diet properly for that to have an impact.

More grains please

Eating more healthily is also more expensive. It’s fish, and grains and lots of green veg. It’s being organic and using coconut oil to cool with. It’s almond milk and raw, whey-free, protein powders. It’s gym memberships, pool subscriptions, yoga classes.

In order to have the healthy body I want. I’m going to have to invest.

Author: Raphaelle

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