A foal is born

At 3:27am I was rushing out of London. Still dressed in my pyjamas having grabbed the dog and my “emergency bag”.

At 3:12 my alarm had gone off as it had done every 2 and a bit hours, for the last few nights. I blurry-eyed found my phone and dozily searched for my remote video camera app. 

Finally it loaded up and I sit bolt upright. The night vision isn’t very clear but the sound from the camer makes up for it. She’s groaning. I know my mare has done this before but she really sounds different tonight. Then I can see she’s lying flat out, legs stretched. Is it actually time?!

I quickly find my friend’s number. She doesn’t pick up. Maybe it’s just another false alarm. I message her….

15 minutes later I’m driving through the quieter streets on south London. Still in some shock. I’m trying not to speed and think of reasonable excuses for if I get pulled over. 

I’m so excited!

40 minutes later, still in my pyjamas, I walk round the corner at the yard. There on the floor is my new born foal!

Author: Raphaelle

Creative | Futurist | Misfit. Freelance Digital #marketing, #social & #product #strategy and #engagement. Founder of ArtSpotter. Mixing up something marvellous.

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