To the women in my life


It’s International Women’s Day. That means everywhere in the Western hemisphere at least, people are trying to talk about influential women and rallying the Feminism banner. It’s a good thing, but it’s still frustrating to have to have a day to recognise this. There isn’t an International Men’s Day. Well, I don’t think there is.

All good

To be honest, there are a huge number of women who don’t get enough recognition. Many in male dominated industries. But I don’t blame anyone for that. They just did what they loved and happened to be great at it. It wasn’t about proving a point. We should all follow that mantra.

It’s personal

We all need people to look up to. Friends, mentors, colleagues, family, even idols. We shouldn’t feel awkward if we find inspiration in a fashion model or a rocket scientist. Our mother or best friend. We each have our own aims and goals. Some huge and some small. Those who inspire us, will always make us greater.

My grandmother

One of my tattoos  is a rose, entwined with a rope. The rope twists into the initial ‘R’ and ‘P’. It’s my grandparents initials; Rosemary & Peter. Every day, I remember how awesome they both were, heading out at night to secretly put up communist posters and in their later years creating the University of the 3rd Generation, holding talks among friends so that they could each give lectures in their respective fields (probably some of the best talks you’d ever hear). However, as we’re specifically talking about women, I’ll tell you a story about my grandmother.

In her last year at school, the headmistress would speak individually with each of the students to ask them about their career choices.  This was an all-girls private London school with an excellent reputation, but it was still the 30’s. On being asked this question, my grandmother confidently replied, “I want to be a doctor”. Amused, the headmistress, smiled and corrected my grandmother, “You mean a nurse”. “No”, replied my grandmother, “I mean a doctor”.

My grandmother was an inspiration to all the women in the family. A true independent woman.


Author: Raphaelle

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