I hate you so much right now


I went for my 12 week check up at the hospital today. I didn’t get to see the x-rays but while the consultant is happy with the progress. I’m not.

12 weeks ago, I slipped down some wet steps, which resulted in me breaking both my Tibia and Fibula bones in my lower leg. I had the operation, even though I wasn’t sure, and was constantly reassured it would mean I would be up and walking sooner than when I broke my other leg (10 years ago).

Lies, all lies

Last time, I didn’t have the operation. I was in a full leg cast for 6 weeks, followed by another cast to above my knee for another 6 weeks. Finally a lower leg cast for another 4 weeks. After 4 months I went off to Marbella for a week and walked around Barcelona on my own. I was still stuck with a crutch but the healing process was progressing amazingly. It doesn’t feel like that progress is happening. So much for having the operation to help speed up the process.

Rose-tinted glass

The consultant said I was remembering my last break with rose-tinted glasses. I wanted to laugh. Maybe he was right but I still feel robbed. The reality is, I do have a little more flexibility. I can wash and shave my leg (a big deal!). I have been going out and in the evening I can take off my airboot and sleep as if nothing is wrong. Sat on the examination bed, it did look as if I was just fit and healthy. I don’t know how much consolation that is though.

New York from the cab-side

I’ll be heading off to New York in 4 weeks. It’s a city I love to walk around, but this time I’ll need to work out how to enjoy it while not being able to walk. It’ll be different and a great way to help highlight how to enjoy a city when you aren’t as able-bodied. I’ll need a good list of coffee shops and a lot of books that’s for sure.

I know it’s a patience that’s required but right now all I want to do is scream.

Author: Raphaelle

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