Doing what you love

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I attended a talk today set up by the London Sessions, in infamous bartender Peter Dorelli said that doing doing what you love inspires you to have more energy. It no longer feels like work because it’s living. Specifically he said, “Passion + Curiosity = Energy”. This was his formula for happiness.

He was talking about working in a bar. Being creative and creating an atmosphere where the clientele are buzzing. I think this can apply to any industry though.


I’ve heard this a lot. If you are passionate about what you do it makes the hard times so much easier to get through. It also gives you the get up and go to want to do more. You love what you do. It’s not a chore. A passion keeps your head in a positive space and a smile on your face.If money were no object wouldn’t you just do the things you were passionate about? So think about it. How can you make money out of your passion?


Without a bit of a curious side, we wouldn’t be able to move life forward. Exploring what’s next. Searching for what’s new. Being brave. Bucking the trend and bending the rules. If Columbus believed the world was flat he wouldn’t have sailed on to discover America. So what’s your next adventure?

Enjoy life to the fullest

Our lives are so busy it’s easy to think we don’t have enough energy to do all the things we love. We can see from successful people they left their ego’s behind in their youth.  Focusing on the right passion with a good amount of curiosity, gives you the energy each day to do what you want, easy.

Author: Raphaelle

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