The draw of the mocktail

The mocktail

It’s dry January. Christmas has taken it’s toll and it’s time to detox. We’re 15 days in and while my bank account is thanking me, socially it’s boring. However, it’s not all bad. Playing around with non-alcoholic ingredients has got me rethinking how we can build something that has all the elements of a great drink.

The mocktail is making a coming back

I love cocktails. I also love having a good night out once in a while. I love the artistry of the blend of flavours and the delight and magic it brings. I’ve spent time getting to know the distillation process or exploring the tasting notes different brands of gin or whisky. Now without the booze it’s about looking at how to build a drink with ingredients at their rawest.

Experimental; creative; it’s all of that and more

Mocktails have moved way beyond just mixing up some fruity punch. The same techniques can be applied to blend together water infused with a range of botanicals. Syrups can be created from reductions and you can do a lot more than a Shirley Temple.

Some are so good, you’d barely know they were alcohol free. It’s not that they taste like their alcoholic counterparts. The way they taste is good enough to not need it.

Here’s to the next 15 days

While it might not be a complete detox, it reminds us that we can go out and have just as much fun (sometimes). Maybe it’s felt harder to be social. I’ve survived several family gatherings without a glass or three. It’s nice to know I can still enjoy myself in a different way.

At the end of the day, if nothing else, it probably makes us savour that first sip of booze a little bit more too.

Author: Raphaelle

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