Family traditions


Yesterday I celebrated Epiphany with my family. We aren’t religious but it’s been a part of post Christmas family tradition my whole life. My parents invite family and friends round to celebrate. It’s like Christmas all over again. To end the evening, we always have a special cake, a Galette des Rois from Poilâne. It’s a delicious hazelnut tart. Hidden inside is a porcelain trinket.Whoever finds it gets crowned ‘King’. I never win but I always have a second slice. After all it’s a cake you can only have once a year.

Having everyone round and being together for this cake is a tradition I like.

Memories you never forget

When I was younger one of my favourite memories was the night time drive home from my grandparents. The air would be cold so the windows would fog up as you breathed against them. Drawing squiggles or joining the stars in the night sky. The only noise was the hum of the car drifting along the dark wooded country lanes and a drama on Radio 4. It was a regular trip. Often on a Sunday where we would get together as a family. Me, my parents, my brothers, my grandparents. Sometimes aunts and uncles or cousins joined us. It was always a gathering with much discussion and curious debate.

Across from the living room a recording of an orchestra playing Bach played in the background. After lunch we’d wander round the garden, regardless of how cold or wet it was. My grandmother pointing out what would appear next spring. While some had an afternoon nap, other would take a walk along the river. In the summer we’d often take the boat out. In the winter it would be about huddling next to the wood fire. Charmed by the flicker in the embers and radiant heat that it would pour out into the living room.

It’s the little things

My grandparents are no longer with us. But they were a huge part of my life. Seeing family on a Sunday around a big lunch puts a smile on my face. I now go round to my older brother’s. We have a roast. music is playing. We play board games. The family discussions continue with the next generation. I love that we still have old family traditions.

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