Vet bills and a broken leg

The dog and me

We’re quite a pair at the moment. I’m recovering from surgery on a broken leg (Tibia and Fibula with a compound break). To add to that, now Penny, my dog, is recovering from a biopsy operation on her bum. Yes, she has a cone. She hates it.

While we’re both quite immobile, the one thing in our favour is that it’s not tempting to go outside. The awful weather means that we’re definitely not missing out on glorious sunshine.

Getting back to normality

We both have to be quite patient with each other. Easier said than done for a high-energy Manchester Terrier. I think she knows I’m not quite as capable right now.  Also when she’s not currently whimpering, she’s pretty good at listening.

Hopefully it’s not for much longer.

Her stitches come out next week and towards the end of January I’m back in hospital. I’ve got my fingers crossed that they’ll say I can start walking.

Happy New Year 2016! You certainly know how to make an impact.

Author: Raphaelle

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