I have a dream

London Sunrise

That one day you’ll hold your phone and it will know how you feel. It will sync with your friends and all your calendars. If you’re feeling low, it will find something to pick you up. As well as inviting friends along to enjoy this with. If you’re feeling unsettled and stressed it will send you off to enjoy something calming. Perhaps with one of your more chilled friends who can just help you refocus. Whatever your mood that little device in your hand helps keep you going. Reminds you that you’re not forgotten or left out. Helps to find you the space you need and friends to share it with.

This was a thought I had in the early days of what ArtSpotter could be.

Sometimes it’s good to be reminded

A conversation today reminded me of my passion for thinking of what the future can be.

Tomorrow’s world is here now. Artificial Intelligence and wearable technology is creating a world that’s intelligently intuitive. Where data is benefiting us all to be more creative and culturally aware human beings. Minority Reports? Maybe. Ideological? Probably. Exciting? Definitely!

There’s so much potential. I’d better start thinking about what’s next.

Author: Raphaelle

Creative | Futurist | Misfit. Freelance Digital #marketing, #social & #product #strategy and #engagement. Founder of ArtSpotter. Mixing up something marvellous.

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